Lost In Translation

I’m still trying to translate you.

But I know the language we speak.

It’s not foreign to me.

I know you love me, when you speak between your teeth.

Sweet nothings, sweet everything’s roll off your tongue and drip from your lips.

This I know. Just this.

You love me despite the incisions on my hips and the jargon in my head.

And on the days when the sun forgets to shine, and the weight of every single bad thing is crushing my chest, you remind me it’s okay to stay in bed all day.

I know you love me because you kiss me even when I forget to brush my teeth.

And you tell me to drink water and take my medication.

You remind me to say my prayers.

And every night a bad dream brings a chill to my bones, you hold me and remind me everything’s okay.

We’re okay.

It’s okay.

And I believe you.

Because for once it’s finally true.

Here’s to me and you.

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