I’ll Take The Blame So You Don’t Have To

i’ll take the blame so you don’t have to

so you can sleep at night

but be sure to keep one eye open

because karma has no deadline

one day you will ache like i ached

you will bleed like i bled

and it won’t be red it will be pitch black

with yellow clots

and the cut on your body is will never heal

because the memories of me will tear open your flesh

making it seemingly impossible to salt the wound

making it impossible to look at your skin stretched over your frail bones

you will stumble down vacant hallways watching my name echo off the shattered windows

you will feel this pain

and you won’t see yourself as the victim anymore

you’ll finally understand that there’s no villain in this story

there’s no hero

you’re no hero

one day when you feel the backlash from all the chaos you transpired

when you try to right your wrong

i’ll be gone

because if there’s anything you taught me- it’s that time is the only thing that’s really real

time is the only thing that’s real

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