Art Thief

You take my breath away, like it belongs to you.

You’ve set my soul on fire, I dream in a yellow hue.

And I don’t get scared when the tides are high, when the darkness covers my eyes- because I know when the fog is lifted it is always you and I on the otherside.

If you could see yourself through my eyes, you’d find the pure admiration running rampant through my bloodline.

I warned you about the uninhabitable home inside my chest, but you shimmied your way in through the destruction and made it feel like home again.

What we have is uncomparable,and undeniable.

I tell everyone to dig into my bones and find you lingering within.

You are the sun inside this blackened chest, shining through the cracks and crevices, reminding me there’s always beauty in the ugliest of things.

I never thought I was capable of love- giving or receiving, but you opened my eyes to a world of oppurtunity.

Your calloused hands touch me like I’m porcelian.

But i’s no secret that you’re the masterpiece and I’m the art theif.

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