take care

Loving you is like an old habit I can’t kick. It’s a part of me. It’s molded into my forte. Like biting my nails and watching the cuticles bleed, I love you relentlessly and violently. I apologize if the pressure of my affection is inconsistent. Truth is— my actions, my words will always be incapable of capturing the immense amount of love I have for you. You are the one-man search party, flashlight in hand, calling out my name when I lose touch with reality. You help center me when the weight of the world is crushing my chest, making it seemingly impossible to breathe.

my spirit desire. Last year the devil tried putting out your flame, the one that burns brightly and resurrects my name. You’re everything I want and more.

You give me a love I never thought I’d be capable of receiving. And I can only hope that, to you, it’s a mutual feeling.

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